Rates for 2021-22:


Comprehensive LSAT
Preparation Packages

  • Choose a pre-set package (below) or design your own at the end of your initial 90-minute session

  • Individually tailored test-prep strategy to fit your needs and schedule

  • Email/text/phone help on homework between sessions

  • Specific homework assignments & deadlines provided at each session

6 hours Logic Games Only: $1400

12 hours: $2800

16 hours: $3600

18 hours: $4000

 24 hours: $5200

30 hours: $6400

additional time

w/ any package: $200/hr

Not sure how many hours is right for you? Come in for a no-obligation introductory 90-minute session ($180 including initial assignments). At the end of the session, we can look at a calendar and discuss options for optimizing your LSAT preparation time.

Please note that we do not just sit back and wait for you to call with LSAT questions. From day one, we'll work proactively to ensure that you're on an effective study schedule. We assign homework based on the amount of time you tell us you'll devote to LSAT prep. We'll continually invite you to come take free proctored tests in our testing center. Every step of the way, you get the benefits of a full-scale LSAT preparation company without having to sit in a large, impersonal class.​


Click "Get Started" and fill out our brief form​ to sign up for LSAT prep or to schedule a consultation. We'll respond the same day.

Hourly Tutoring

  • Expert one-on-one LSAT tutor available at your disposal

  • Email help on homework between sessions

  • Use as few hours or as many hours as you need to ace the LSAT

  • Most students meet for 90- or 120-minute sessions, 1-3 times per week

$250 per hour

$350 per 90-minute session

Our Team


Our team comprises three Master LSAT Tutors (Kyle, Eddie, and Jeff) and several other LSAT Tutors not profiled here:


Kyle, director and lead tutor, has four 99th percentile (175+ scores) on official LSATs and has had three students score perfect 180s, with ten students gaining admission to Yale, more than twenty to Harvard, and hundreds to other top 14 law schools. Kyle has literally written a book on the LSAT and has tutored over 800 students one-on-one. Kyle primarily accepts word-of-mouth referrals. Kyle attended law school on a whim and graduated first-in-class in the evening division at the George Washington University Law School. Kyle now engages in federal appellate litigation, bar exam tutoring, and law student tutoring as well as LSAT tutoring and admissions consulting. 

Eddie started at a 157 and self-taught his way to a 175. Eddie is on hiatus for the 2020-21 Term.

Jeff is an expert mountain unicyclist, juggler, flame-thrower, frisbee-golfer, Scrabble master, table tennis player, and (of course) LSAT tutor. Aficionado of all things difficult, Jeff has by far produced some of the most unheard-of results in the LSAT world, including one case where a student scoring 148 ended up scoring 171 on the official exam. Jeff is available by Skype during weekdays and on weekends as well.


Admissions Consulting


Kyle, our director and lead tutor, also offers assistance with the law school application and admissions process:

  • Personal statement brainstorming, structuring, editing, and review

  • Brainstorming and planning sessions for diversity statement, scholarship essays, "optional" essays, the Georgetown video, the Yale 250, and other application components

  • Letters of continuing interest

  • Scholarship negotiation emails

$1,000 (series of three sessions for planning, collaborative drafting, editing, and proofing; additional time available at $250/hour)



Consider these actual outcomes from our admissions consulting:


Lindsey P. came in with a 157 and 3.1 GPA, and for personal reasons was only interested in attending the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder -- where her LSAT and GPA were both below the 25th percentile for the previous year's incoming class. Not only did we help Lindsey gain admission, but she was awarded a $30,000 scholarship.


J. W. used our services and gained admission to Harvard, Yale (successfully writing the elusive 250-word essay), and Stanford.


S. A. had a 157 LSAT score and a compelling story. We helped her tell that story in a profound and insightful personal statement and a complementary diversity statement, resulting in offers of admission at Columbia, Michigan, Berkeley, and Georgetown Law.