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Our Team

Our team comprises three Master LSAT Tutors plus others on an as-available basis.


Kyle, director and lead tutor, has four 99th percentile (175+ scores) on official LSATs and has had three students score perfect 180s, with ten students gaining admission to Yale, more than twenty to Harvard, and hundreds to other top 14 law schools. Kyle has literally written a book on the LSAT and has tutored over 800 students one-on-one. Kyle primarily accepts word-of-mouth referrals. Kyle attended law school on a whim and graduated first-in-class in the evening division at the George Washington University Law School. Kyle now engages in federal appellate litigation, bar exam tutoring, and law student tutoring as well as LSAT tutoring and admissions consulting. Kyle is also a Professorial Lecturer of Law at the George Washington University, where he teaches appellate practice and a bar exam skills course. 

Eddie started at a 157 and self-taught his way to a 175. Eddie is on hiatus for the current term.

Jeff is an expert LSAT tutor with 11 years experience producing some of the most unheard-of results in the LSAT world, including one case where a student scoring 148 ended up scoring 171 on the official exam and another who went from 134 to 166. Many of Jeff's students have gone on to attend law school at top 14 schools as well as the University of Texas, SMU, and other excellent institutions. Apart from his LSAT tutoring, Jeff is an accomplished mountain unicycler, juggler, flame-thrower, frisbee-golfer, Scrabble-player, and table tennis player.  Jeff is available by Zoom during weekdays and on weekends as well.

Two other master LSAT tutors are not profiled here: one scored 175 on the LSAT, graduated from Harvard Law School, and has over 500 hours of LSAT tutoring experience; the other scored 177, graduated from Columbia Law School, and has more than a decade of LSAT tutoring experience. Both work as attorneys in Washington, DC.

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