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Real Students - Real Results

This is a sampling of actual students at various starting points.  


The list below is meant to reflect the fact that we work with folks who start at all levels, and we celebrate the individual who has improved from 138 to 151 every bit as much as we celebrate the individual who starts at 164 and ends up at Harvard or Yale.

Our students have succeeded not only on the LSAT but also in law school and in their careers as lawyers.  Our former students include:

-One President of the Harvard Law Review;

-One President of the Stanford Law Review;

-More than a dozen federal law clerks;

-Numerous Assistant United States Attorneys; and

-BigLaw associates at the majority of the country's top 30 law firms

Here is a sampling of our LSAT results:

Sarah S. - Started at 149 after working through a commercial course; then scored 150 and 153 on official LSATs; after four months working with Kyle, she scored 162 on her official LSAT.

Gaby D. - After 10 sessions, scored 172

Eddie R. - Increased score from low 140s to 159.

D. X.  - Increased from 157 (prior official score) to 168.

Megan M. - Starting score 163; after 18 hours one-on-one tutoring with Kyle, scored 179

Will S. - Starting score 160; after 8.5 hours one-on-one tutoring with Kyle, scored 178.

E. W. - Scored 165 after 8 hours one-on-one tutoring.

Emily I. - Initially had several tests in the 150-155 range. After 21 hours of one-on-one tutoring, scored 162.

Grant H. - Before tutoring, average score was 160. After only four one-on-one tutoring sessions, scored 166.

Benjamin A. - Before tutoring, was consistently scoring around 160. After a lot of hard work and 16 hours of tutoring, scored 168.

K.C. J. - Before tutoring, had previously scored 163 on an official LSAT. After only four one-on-one tutoring sessions, scored 168.

Nathalie H. - Before tutoring, was consistently missing ten or more questions per section on logic games. After completing a six-hour logic-games-only plan, scored 167 with only four questions missed on the logic games.

R.A.S. - Diagnostic score 136; after tutoring, scored 155 on her official LSAT.

Daniel W. - After significant test prep, scored 160. After further one-on-one tutoring, scored 165 on his official LSAT.

Web L. - Scored 154 on diagnostic LSAT and, after taking a commercial course, 156 on an official LSAT. After 7.5 hours one-on-one tutoring with Kyle, scored 171 on official LSAT and gained admission to UVA Law School.

Allison L. - Scored 158 before tutoring, 165 after. Admitted to Georgetown.

Devin B. - Scored 165 after tutoring, admitted Early Decision to Georgetown.

Owen A. - Was scoring 144 to 147 on practice tests. After 12 hours tutoring, scored 157 on February 2016 LSAT and gained admission to Georgetown University Law Center.

Daniel S. - "Hi Kyle, I just got my score: 173. I know I would not have gotten that score without your help. Thank you very much." Admitted to Harvard Law School; attractive scholarships at many top-14 law schools.


Abby O. - Starting score 162, scored 170 on February 2015 LSAT after 18 hours tutoring. Attended Yale Law School.


Daniel M. - Prior score 159; after 24 hours tutoring, scored 167 on February 2015 LSAT. Admitted to University of Texas Law School.


Lauren S. - Prior score 167 (September 2014); after four sessions and extensive practice, scored 180 on her final practice test before taking the February 2015 LSAT. 


Jane J. - Wildly varying scores before tutoring; fairly significant test-taking anxiety. Scored 169 on September 2014 LSAT, attended Harvard Law School.


S. L. F. - Starting score 152. Some prior prep. Scored 172 on June 2014 LSAT after 40 hours of tutoring and ~300 hours studying over five months. Admitted to Yale Law School.


Richie F. - Wildly varying scores before tutoring; after three sessions, scores stabilized above 170. Admitted to Yale Law School.


Shannon S. - Some prior prep, starting score 149. Scored 161 on June 2014 LSAT.


Samantha M. - Extensive prep prior to coming to DC Metro LSAT Prep; was scoring 138 consistently. After 24 hours of tutoring (and intense studying), scored 151 on June 2014 LSAT; admitted to Hofstra, St. Johns. Attended Hofstra Law.


Joe W. - Starting score 162 after reading commercial prep books. After 12 hours of tutoring, scored 174 on December 2013 LSAT. Admitted to Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Admitted to Chicago with full scholarship + stipend; Graduated from Chicago.


James R. - Starting score 159, scored 175 on December 2013. Attended Penn Law.


Max S. - Had scored 162 on October 2013 test before coming to DC Metro LSAT Prep; scored 170 on December 2013 LSAT. Attended Georgetown Law.


Clark B. - Had scored 167 on October 2013 test before coming to DC Metro LSAT Prep; scored 171 on December 2013 LSAT.


Ashley E. - Had scored 157 on official LSAT in 2011 with extensive prior test preparation; scored 163 on December 2013 LSAT, admitted to top-choice law school with full-tuition scholarship.


Allison P. - Starting score 158. Took a full commercial course and only improved to 160. After 12 hours tutoring with DC Metro LSAT Prep, scored 167 on the December 2013 LSAT. Attended Georgetown Law.


Naomi I. - Started in low 150s. After 24 hours tutoring, scored 162 on December 2013 LSAT. Attended Georgetown Law.


Sam F. - Starting score 160 with prior prep (had taken a commercial course in Spring 2012). After 21 hours tutoring with DC Metro LSAT Prep, scored 174 on December 2013 LSAT. Admitted to Harvard and Stanford. Attended Columbia Law School on full-tuition scholarship.


Courtney C. - Starting score 160. Scored 169 after tutoring. Attended Northwestern Law.


Olivia S. - Had scored 166 on October 2012 LSAT after approximately twenty practice tests. After 40 hours tutoring with DC Metro LSAT Prep, scored 170 on October 2013 LSAT. Attended Harvard Law School.


Mark M. - Starting score 157. Scored 170 on October 2013 LSAT. Attended UVA Law.


Andrea S. - Scored 154 after taking a commercial course. Focused on logic games, scored 161 on June 2013 LSAT. Attended GW Law.


Christine H. - Started in low 150s. Scored 167 on June 2013 LSAT after tutoring. Attended University of Texas Law School.


Elaine B. - Starting score 169. After 8 hours of tutoring, scored 175 on June 2013 LSAT.


Brett M. - Starting score 166. After 12 hours of tutoring, scored 170 and 176 on September and December 2014 LSATs, respectively. Attended Columbia Law School.


Jonathan F. - Starting score 158. After 28 hours tutoring, scored 170. Attended NYU Law.


Rose S. - Starting score 162 (with prior prep). After ten hours tutoring, scored 169 on October 2012 LSAT. Attended Stanford Law School.


Jacob A. - Had scored 166 on June 2012 after studying with a popular series of books. After 20 hours tutoring with DC Metro LSAT Prep, scored 177 on October 2012 LSAT.


Deanna P. - Starting score 162. After tutoring, scored 176 on proctored practice test preceding December 2012 LSAT. Attended Harvard Law School.


Patrick L. - Starting score 163 after prior test prep. Scored 179 on October 2010 LSAT after tutoring. Graduated from University of Texas Law School with full scholarship and $15,000/year stipend, and went on to serve as a federal judicial clerk.


Alan K. - Previous high practice score, 158. With tutoring, score increased to 170. Attended Emory Law School.


David C. - Starting score 152 after prior test prep. Scored 163 after tutoring, and received a $100,000 scholarship to Baylor Law School.


Abel T. - Starting score 140 after prior test prep. After 15 hours of tutoring, scored 157.


Elizabeth A. - Starting score 140 (twice, and with extensive prior test prep). Scored 151 after tutoring and admitted to several law schools including her top choice.


Adam A. - Starting score 132, learning disabled. After tutoring, admitted to Indiana - Bloomington.


Matthew Z. - Starting score 132, non-native English speaker. After sixteen hours of tutoring, admitted to law school in Arizona.


Weldon W. - Starting score 148. After tutoring, admitted to SMU's combined JD/MBA program.


Stephen L. - Starting score 148. Actual score after tutoring - 162.


Patrick C. - Starting score 151. Actual score after tutoring - 163.


... and over 1,100 more since 2009. Make yours the next one. Call (202) 349-1450 or fill out the form below to get started!
Q. What makes DC Metro LSAT Prep better?

A. DC Metro LSAT Prep is local and personal - we are tutors, not executives. We have met personally with LSAT test development staff - not many others can say that! We have worked extensively with people who have taken the other "commercial" courses, and through this experience, we have developed expertise in helping individuals to conquer the LSAT.


Q. When will I see results?

A. Some students see results in their performance immediately, once the tutor guides the student to a discovery of something he or she has been looking at wrong. However, it is normal for the student to spend 2-3 weeks understanding the methods and applying better test-taking strategies before seeing improvement in test scores. 


Q. Who are your students?

A. Approximately half of our students are college seniors ready to proceed directly to law school; the other half are working professionals in their 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s. We have worked with many students who have already done Kaplan or PowerScore courses. We also have experience working with speakers of other languages and those with ADD/ADHD - for whom the LSAT can be especially challenging.


Q. Who are your tutors?

A. All of our tutors are individuals with a passion for teaching, who have scored 175+ (upper 99th percentile) on the LSAT, and who have been admitted to or have graduated from a top-tier law school. We do not hire tutors solely on account of their score - we hire qualified teachers who excel in communicating and adapting to your individual learning style. Compare us to folks like Kaplan (who hires tutors with scores as low as 164 -- and pays them a small fraction of the hourly fee) and the difference is clear.

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